Janet & Clarence

Flameless, electric candle warmer products, scented candles and home fragrance accessories

Janet & Clarence has spent over half a century providing the "scents of home", featuring decorative scented candles, electric candle warmer accessories, and more home fragrance solutions that make perfect sense.

  • Candle Warmers - Discover a longer, safer, more beautiful way to burn your scented pillars with an elegant candle wax warmer that will release every bit of scent, minus the actual flame. No flame, no soot, no smoke, no problem. Create a cozy ambiance while releasing exquisite fragrances in every room with an option that works for you. Choose from three varieties: the plate which offers a base ideal for jar candles, the illuminated/lamp that works extremely well with wax melts, or the lantern option made of beautiful, decorative ceramic. Looking for a smokeless, sootless substitute for smaller spaces? Enjoy miniature tea light and convenient plug in candle warmers that will leave a warming glow and sweet scent in every socket. You'll also find warming crocks and replacement bulbs that will keep all of your melts, pillars and jars covered.

  • Candles - Whether you prefer to light your wicks or warm them, you'll find an assortment of options to suit your specific style and burning preferences. Shop by color, brand or by type from a collection that includes balancing holistic aromatherapy candles, 4 pack tea light sets, scented pillars, all-natural beeswax, and hand poured soy jar varieties. Stock your fragrance closet with Jamie Clair fragrance oils and scented wax cubes that are perfect to use in conjunction with any Janet & Clarence electric candle warmer, offering exciting and alternative ways to fill your home with intoxicating aromas.

  • Gifts - In addition to their electric and plug in candle warmers, you'll also find an illuminating collection of gift baskets that are ideal for any occasion. Enjoy access to an entire selection of gift items that will brighten the home and soothe the soul. Choose from earthy, handcrafted stoneware mugs that will warm the hands and fine Talbott gourmet loose tea tins and sachets that will warm the belly.
Since 1950, the team of Janet & Clarence Drasch has revolutionized the home fragrance industry. Discover clean and safe electric candle wax warmer solutions that will fill your home with fragrance while eliminating potential fire hazards, smoke damage and indoor air pollution.

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