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Gaiam - Harmony

Eco-inspired home furnishings and organics for healthy and natural living

The Harmony catalog has gathered the best in natural and organic products to support your healthy lifestyle.

Healthy home furnishings and accents -- From the convenience of flexible bamboo room dividers to energy-saving insulated curtains, their healthy living catalog features the products you've been hoping to find to express your healthy lifestyle in your home decor.


Air & water purifiers -- Indoor air and tap water are two of our greatest health hazards. For healthy holistic family living, keep yours cleaner with air and water purifiers designed to remove toxins, allergens and irritants from your home environment.


Organic bedding and bath linens -- Make your bed beautiful and healthy with organic cotton or bamboo fiber bedding. Their natural all cotton comforter cover and sheet sets will wrap you in comfort that grows softer with each washing. Or indulge in the luxury of pure silk duvet comforter covers and sheets - the ultimate in bedding comfort.


Eco-friendly yard and garden products -- Attract the creatures that keep yards and gardens naturally bug free and beautiful. Bat boxes and birdhouses provide a safe haven for nature's own pest control, eliminating the need for harmful chemicals around your home. Their composting systems and solar lights let you create a beautiful garden while reducing the energy drain and landfill hazards currently threatening our delicate eco-system.


Organic clothing -- Drift off to dreamland in the cozy comfort of cotton organic pajamas. Their women's pajamas are designed to move with you all night long, and the organic cotton material is the perfect choice for healthy sleepwear. And then enjoy your days in colorful, breathable 100% organic cotton casual wear and active wear.


The people at Harmony catalog believe in low-impact, healthy living. Their healthy living catalog offers the kinds of products that will help our planet - and our families - to thrive for generations to come.

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