Shades of Light

Light up the look of your home with warm lighting design

See your home in a whole new light with Shades of Light's home lighting design, area rugs and home accessory collection.

  • Interior home lighting design - The choice of home lighting is just as essential as the choice of paint colors or furniture. Bring out the beauty of your home with new table lamps, floor lamps, traditional fixtures and modern track lighting. From new living room or dining room lighting to flexible track lighting kits for the bedroom or family room, each lamp and fixture has been chosen for the exceptional design and uncompromising quality your home deserves.

  • Area rugs - Bring color and texture to your floors with colorful, warm area rugs. Choose from traditional, modern and whimsical designs for every taste.

  • Home accents and accessories - Add the finishing touch to every room in your home with mirrors, tabletop accessories, metal wall art, and other unique accent pieces. Choose the themes and colors to complement your taste, then bring them into the spotlight with picture lights or adjustable flex track lighting.

  • Kitchen and bathroom lighting fixtures - Banish shadowy corners and unlit work spaces when you install new kitchen and bathroom lighting fixtures. Choose traditional fixtures, wall-mounted lights or modern track lighting to bring new light to the kitchen and bath.

  • Architectural highlighting - Emphasize the unique lines of your home's architecture with lighting. Choose pendant or track lighting to create pinpoints of light on special collections. Highlight an archway or soaring ceiling with directional, flexible track lighting. Make morning or evening routines more pleasant with bathroom lighting that illuminates a lovely marble sink or inviting bathtub. Let Shades of Light show you how important the right lighting is to your beautiful home.

Home lighting design and home interior design go hand in hand to create the look you want. Combine the exceptional selection of home lighting choices with the unique options for area rugs and home accessories, and you have the Shades of Light advantage. From bathroom lighting fixtures to elegant accent furniture…your dream home is only a click away.

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