Monticello Catalog

Gifts, fine furnishing, books and heirloom seeds from Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson

For generations, scholars and history buffs alike have been fascinated by the life of Thomas Jefferson. Statesman, scholar, inventor, gardener, architect, writer, -- Jefferson was and is one of the most significant figures in American history. Thousands have visited his home in Virginia, and browsed the museum gift shop's collection for a fine replica (such as a period painting or Thomas Jefferson bust) or an informative book about Jefferson and his ideas.

Proceeds from the catalog help sustain the preservation of Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's mountaintop home near Charlottesville, Virginia. The house and its grounds reflect Jefferson's creativity, intellect, and passions for architecture, science, music, farming and gardening.

In the Monticello catalog, you'll find 18th- and early 19th-century-style furnishings—both elegant and relaxed—including reproductions and adaptations of items Jefferson himself designed. You'll also find splendid gifts, artwork, furniture, apparel and dinnerware, books about the life of Thomas Jefferson, and his times, garden décor, heirloom seeds, an elegant Thomas Jefferson bust, even CDs and toys. Unique gifts and fine furnishings, inspired by Thomas Jefferson and his remarkable home, Monticello. This catalog is a must for everyone who loves American history, gardening, and the singular style of a revolutionary age.

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