Authentic Models

Replica reproduction furniture and decor, replica models and collectibles

Fill your home with upscale replica reproduction furniture, lighting, artifacts, and replica models that are all made by gifted artisans, using time-honored skills.

  • Furniture - AM specializes in antique high end reproduction furniture as well as replica decor, artifacts and accessories that are inspired by the age of exploration, maritime history, cartography and more. From classic chairs, coffee tables and cabinets to nautical Stateroom furniture, shelving and storage items, explore high end reproductions including Campaign furniture pieces, desks, mini bar furniture, distressed furniture and more. Allow AM to help you furnish your home with exquisitely finished replica furniture that not only makes a statement, but also tells a story.

  • Lighting - Illuminate your home with vintage style retro lamps including tripod floor lamps, spotlights and charming pendant lamps that will take you back to the turn of the century and beyond. Reminisce with Authentic Models' collection of antique replica furniture accessorized with nostalgic oil lanterns, candle lanterns and candle stands that will cast a warm, inviting glow in any room.

  • Nautical - Whether you're a serious collector or a sea lover by nature, AM helps you set sail with a complete nautical collection of replica model ships, cruisers, yachts and speedboats that made waves in the sea years and years ago. Incorporate maritime charm into every corner with classic compasses, bells, oars, signal flag replica decor, artwork, telescopes and even more nautical themed accessories and souvenirs.

  • Flight - Allow your spirits to take flight with replica models of vintage planes, from the Spirit of St Louis to Iron Annie, and others. Incorporate vintage flight accessories into your office decor with historical replica model planes for your desktop and more unique aircraft inspired artifacts. From Red Baron balance toys to authentic replicas of the Hindenburg Zeppelin, you'll find replica model planes and aircrafts from Sopwith, Gee Bee, Jenny and Trimotor that all celebrate and honor the Golden Age of travel.

  • Museum - Create your own museum right in your home with the Authentic Models Museum Collection featuring a series of priceless museum reproductions. Choose from world maps, art mobiles, botanical and architectural replica models, scrolls and other unique, museum worthy findings that will complement your replica furniture as well as your overall decor.

  • Globes - Explore the world at your fingertips with reproduction antique globes that allow you to travel the world with a simple spin. Discover classic replica globes and globe spheres, hanging globes, globe stands, armillaries and more opulent orbs that highlight the works of some of the world's most famous cartographers, with all items expertly crafted using original charts and research to add to their historical accuracy as well as their visual appeal.
For the past 40 years, Authentic Models has provided a comprehensive collection of historical reproductions including replica furniture and unique home decor items that excel in quality, functionality and true authenticity.

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