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Eco-friendly innovations for your home and garden

Make your home a healthy home with environmentally friendly home and garden gifts, gadgets & home improvements.

solar power kits -- The addition of even a few solar panels can drastically reduce energy costs for most homeowners. Check out their solar kits, panels and solar battery chargers for safe and easy ways to save energy and money.


Outdoor home and garden gifts -- Bat box, garden composters, fire ant charmers, or other all natural innovative gadgets may seem like unusual gift ideas, but for the ecologically-minded, they are ideal gifts to support a lower-impact, greener lifestyle. Shop Real Good's natural products catalogs at home or online for the latest in environmentally friendly products for your home or business.


Off-the-grid living -- Living off the grid is possible with Real Goods selection of affordable solar power kits, plus innovative gadgets like solar cooking ovens, manual washing machines, solar water heaters, composting toilets, and other low impact choices.


Water and air purifiers -- Indoor air and tap water can be dangerous sources of toxins and contaminants. Keep your family safe with water and air purifiers that remove harmful bacteria, irritants and impurities, leaving your family with the pure, clean air and water you treasure.


Natural home decor -- Avoid the risk of off-gassing and chemicals coming in contact with your skin by choosing healthier, all natural home furnishings, accents and bedding. Choose from natural jute, bamboo, cork and other safe, renewable materials to make every room a reflection of conscious living and eco-friendly design.


Protect your health -- Reduce the dangers of chemicals and contaminants in cleaners, bedding, clothing and water when you select healthier, organic gifts for cancer patients, or anyone else who's concerned about fragile immune systems.


From solar panels for homes, business and R.V's, to toxin-free choices in household care products, Real Goods is leading the way to a cleaner, safer tomorrow for everyone.

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