Garrett Wade Hand Tools

Woodworkers tools and supplies from the Garrett Wade Hand Tools catalog

The Garrett Wade Hand Tools catalog has a simple philosophy, to find and bring woodworkers unique tools and other hands-on products with a promise of exceptional quality and solid value. Fill your garage or workshop with quality woodworkers tools and supplies from Garrett Wade, where good tools have come first since 1975.

  • Woodworkers tools - When it comes to home improvements, every tool lover knows they need a great set of tools to work with. From woodworking hand tools like chisels, planes and handsaws to hammers, screwdrivers, pliers and wrenches, the Garrett Wade Hand Tools catalog is here to make sure your workshop is well stocked with the woodworking and shop tools you need with your satisfaction guaranteed!

  • Woodworkers supplies - Shop for a unique selection of woodworking supplies including clamps, woodworking benches, lighting and magnifiers, casters and carts, storage supplies, items for clean up, safety equipment and woodworkers tool holders to keep every woodworking tool organized and in the right place in your shop or garage!

  • Garden tools - Make all of your gardening chores a little easier with professional gardening tools that are every bit as tough and durable as your woodworkers tools! Choose from first class shovels, rakes, pruning saws, shears and more gardening tools that are so strong your grandchildren will be able to use them while tending to their gardens!

  • Woodworkers modeling supplies - Not all woodworking projects are centered around home improvements. Find a terrific selection of wood ship models for woodworking model craftsmen! Choose from historic ship models featuring the USS Independence and Historic Wood Prospector Canoe Models that capture all of the authenticity of the originals! Plus find model paint and brushes, specialist tool kits, magnifiers, spatulas, picks, probes and more woodworkers tools for modeling!
With the Garrett Wade Hand Tools catalog, you'll always find the woodworkers tools that will improve your work, enrich your life and hopefully, make your heart beat just a little bit faster. Garrett Wade wouldn't have it any other way.

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