Lady Jayne Charm Jewelry

Nickel-free hoop earrings, charm bracelet charms and more

Lady Jayne Charm Jewelry is one of the leading online jewelry stores featuring the most charming collection of charm jewelry including nickel-free hoop earrings, charm bracelet charms, charm necklaces and stunning 100% nickel-free jewelry styles for jewelry lovers both young and old. Make hundreds of unique combinations by simply adding or subtracting charms and let your personalized jewelry tell a story for generations to come.

  • Nickel-free earrings - Lady Jayne Charm Jewelry is one of the few jewelry catalogs that feature 100% nickel-free jewelry pieces! Say goodbye to earrings that irritate and hello to gorgeous jewelry creations that are an absolute joy to wear! Create custom designed earrings with nickel free hoops, enhancers and your jewelry charm of choice!

  • Nickel-free hoop earrings - Create one of a kind custom earrings for any occasion. Start with beautiful 100% nickel-free hoop earrings and then add a charm, then another or add an enhancer. The possibilities are endless. You will be at the height of fashion meeting the girls for lunch or going out for a night on the town with that special someone.

  • Charm bracelet charm - Find charm bracelet charms that you or your loved ones will be proud to showcase on their wrists. She'll be charmed I'm sure with gold charms, silver charms, and striking bracelet charm charms she'll want to show off, all from Lady Jayne Charm Jewelry's supply of delicate charm treasures.

  • Gold heart charm - You've gifted your wrist with stunning bracelet charms, why leave your neck bare when you can adorn it with beautiful necklace charms to match! Instead of wearing your heart on your sleeve, wear it around your neck with a divine puffy heart charm and gold heart charms that make the loveliest of Valentine's Day gifts!

  • Novelty charms - Choose from an adorably sweet set of novelty charms from angels and holiday charms to lucky clovers and musical charms in the shape of musical clefs. You'll find sports themed charms, nautical charms, patriotic charms, baby charm designs and frisky cat charms that resemble your beloved kitty. You'll even find a hat jewelry charm perfect for red hat ladies and even more dainty charm jewelry!

  • Create your own interchangeable jewelry - Why wear the same old jewelry day after day when you can mix and match and create new jewelry looks as quickly as you change your mood! Add and subtract charms to earrings and necklaces to create stunning new jewelry designs!

  • Moon charms - Enjoy the sun, moon and stars with a celestial selection of charm jewelry that captures the beauties of the sky. Give her a gold star charm for a job well done or a sun bracelet charm that will lighten up her day, everyday! She'll go over the moon for elegant moon charms and other fine jewelry styles from Lady Jayne's charm catalog.
Whether your charm bracelet is missing your favorite gold heart charm, cat charm or pearl charm, Lady Jayne has the bracelet charm charm you've been searching for. Forget diamonds, Lady Jayne Charm jewelry is a girl's best friend with custom jewelry pieces that will be admired over and over again.

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