Wandering Star Astrology Jewelry

Custom astrology horoscope jewelry and zodiac gifts

Learn how the time and place of your birth has influenced your life, select lovely zodiac jewelry, or shop for healing oils. Their catalog helps you look to the stars for guidance.

  • Custom horoscope jewelry - Imagine a beautiful piece of handcrafted beaded jewelry that depicts the position of the planets at the exact moment of your birth. Each bracelet, necklace or earring set uses elegant beads and fine gemstones to represent the planets that influenced you at the time you entered the world. Choose one for yourself, or to honor a special person in your life. Perfect for birthdays!

  • Books to guide you through the astrological signs - Read about your sign or the astrological signs of loved ones with a comprehensive zodiac sign book. Or gain a better understanding of your pets with books of horoscope signs for dogs and cats.

  • Smudge sticks and aromatherapy essential oils - Center your energy, clear negative influences or begin a healing with the timeless power of pure sage smudge bundles. Then tap into the healing power of aroma and anointing with their selection of pure essential oils for aromatherapy or massage.

  • Astrological sign necklaces and gifts - Zodiac symbols are among the most recognized symbols worldwide. Share your sign, or celebrate someone else's time of birth with beautiful zodiac jewelry and gifts featuring their sun sign.

  • Custom zodiac chart readings - A personalized reading of your date, time, and place of birth will reveal hidden secrets about your strengths, vulnerabilities and direction. Select a birth chart, relationship chart or medical chart for a complete picture of the unique influences at your moment of birth. A complete reading is the perfect accompaniment to a gift of custom horoscope jewelry - what better way to remember the birth of a special someone in your life.

  • Astrology software - Learn how to cast your own astrology charts with software that takes you far beyond the generalized information associated with the zodiac signs. These professional packages will allow you to read the stars for the clues you need to find your path in life.

Learn to read the stars and find your destiny. From handcrafted beaded jewelry featuring your birth array to books, software and healing tools, follow your stars to a brighter tomorrow.

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