Orit Schatzman

Beautiful handcrafted silver rings, bracelets, earrings and pendants

Orit Schatzman catalog sparkles with the stunning handcrafted jewelry of Israeli designer Orit Schatzman, featuring brilliant color, semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals and peerless creatively in pendants, rings, earrings and bracelets.

  • Silver and Gold Pendants - Compliment any outfit with the vibrant colors of Orit's handcrafted necklaces showcasing vibrantly colored pendants and fashionable sliders. In 925 silver, gold, or rose gold, each necklace is designed with a main setting color and beautiful secondary colors, creatively using semi-precious marquise cut stones, turquoise, gold and silver beading, pearls, silver leaf accents, and more, with the exquisite sparkle of Swarovski crystals. Each necklace comes alive with feminine details and gorgeous waves of color.

  • Special Stone Rings - An Orit Schatzman catalog ring is a thing of beauty. Whether you select a delicate stone setting or a more dramatic cuff ring, you will be getting a unique piece of jewelry that is characterized by a bold presence, unparalleled lightness and high quality - every ring is a work of art, hand made with select stones, colors and crystals. Like all of her jewelry, the rings are made by hand in Israel and each designed by Orit.

  • Artful Earrings - The 925 Silver Line is made through a process of electroforming - each earring is carefully handcrafted, and examined at each stage of production for light, balance and beauty. Choose earrings from a lovely variety of drops, with refined and understated sparkling drops to statement-making dangles or clusters with gemstones, silver and gold beads and glass carefully designed to inspire your style.

  • Bracelets and Cuffs - Her bracelets are the perfect accessory - you will find bracelets and cuffs for every occasion, every day wear and to go with every fashion in your closet. Whether you are filling your arm with multiple layers of sparkle and color, or selecting one bold bracelet as a signature piece, you will find rich colors, artistic designs and combinations of hand crafted materials that speak to your individuality. Jewelry lovers will appreciate the Orit Schatzman coupon code as they add these stunning pieces to their own collection.

  • Stunning Judaic - Handcrafted in Israel, the Orit Schatzman catalog specializes in stunning Judaic jewelry. You will find large and small Hammsas with special stones, Swarovski crystals and silver or gold hand worked settings. Perfect for you, or as a jewelry gift, Orit's Star of David, Rimon-Pomegranate and Hay designs are breathtaking art, each made entirely by hand. The Jewish jewelry here is unique, different and a stunning addition to any woman's collection.
Sexy Silver LTD, by Orit Schatzman, promises the very best experience in selecting and wearing hand crafted jewelry. Each ring, necklace, bracelet or set of earrings has stood the test of more than 20 years of jewelry and Judaic design by incorporating the latest trends, colors and shapes.

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