Cultural Elements

World jewelry - Unique jewelry from around the world

Discover world jewelry and global inspired accessories that embrace the latest cultural trends and styles, handcrafted by skilled artisans found across the globe.

  • Cultural Elements - Whether you're an accomplished world traveler or someone who dreams of visiting exotic, faraway locales, Cultural Elements helps you incorporate a dash of international intrigue into your ensembles by delivering a wide selection of ethnic inspired world jewelry and fashions, right to your door. From beaded bracelets to semi precious pendants, you'll find unique pieces that not only add visual interest, but well-traveled pieces and accents that also tell a story.

  • Cultural Jewelry - Discover an authentic collection of ethnic jewelry and fashion accessories that will allow you to travel the world, while adding a touch of foreign charm to every outfit. Make a statement with turquoise Tibetan jewelry and tiger eye pieces, beaded bracelets, chunky necklaces, ethnic earrings and Turkish Tribal rings that reflect the cultures that exist beyond the seven seas.

  • Jewelry Boxes - Decorate your dresser, night table or vanity with a hand crafted collection of cultural jewelry boxes that will stylishly store every international gem or jewel. Choose from decorative leather, wood or fabric world jewelry boxes that showcase intricate inlays, ethnic symbols, patterns and culture rich imagery that is both bold in appearance and rich in history. From Mother of Pearl Egyptian jewelry boxes to hand painted and embroidered jewelry boxes from India, you'll find exquisitely crafted containers to house your most treasured exports and keepsakes.

  • Fashion - From India to Africa, Asia and beyond, you'll find an international assortment of fashion accessories that will transport you to distant locales, every time you wear them. Bring the warmth of world travels into your accessory closets with handmade scarves from India, shoulder bags, beaded coin purses, and more marketplace treasures that feature vibrant prints, exquisite embroidery, fabrics, embellishments and textures.
You don't need a stamp in your passport to incorporate worldly flavor into your wardrobe. Cultural Elements travels the globe for you, delivering fine world jewelry and fashion accessories that reflect the cultures, styles and trends of the most exciting and exotic international destinations every discovered.

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