ETS Home Tanning Beds

Indoor tanning beds for gorgeous salon tans - from Sunvision to SunQuest tanning bed equipment

Get the beauty of a salon tan at home, or furnish your tanning salon with the best indoor tanning bed selection available.

indoor tanning beds - Enjoy a sun-kissed look that will make people wonder if you just returned from a tropical vacation, even in the dead of winter. ETS has served as one of the leading indoor tanning bed distributors since 1984, offering the most advanced tanning systems available with professional salon tanning beds that are manufactured in the USA and ETL listed and tested for your protection. Find the right indoor tanning bed for your home or salon, featuring the SunQuest and Sunvision series of beds that offer all of the latest state-of-the-art tanning bed technology.


SunQuest indoor tanning beds - For the perfect home or salon tanning bed addition, the SunQuest series of indoor tanning beds will deliver the dark bronze look that you want, all year round. Choose from models including the all new SunQuest 32RSP indoor tanning bed, featuring all the power of a commercial tanning bed to a lightweight and convenient SunQuest Canopy that is fully adjustable to achieve your ideal angle and height.


Sunvision indoor tanning beds - Bronze your body with the Sunvision series of professional tanning salon equipment with models that range from the Sunvision Elite 32 - featuring 32 tanning lamps and 3 optional high-pressure face tanners, to the Sunvision 28LE-2F - offering a high-tech digital timer and full remote capability making it the most versatile tanning bed in the Sunvision series. Browse an assortment of indoor tanning bed options that will best fit your tanning needs and your budget.


Indoor tanning bed accessories - From high-quality Wolff system tanning bed lamps to tanning lotions, apparel, eyewear, towels, wraps and salon tanning bed disinfectants, you'll find everything you need to not only maintain your tanning bed, but to keep your skin and your tan looking healthy, smooth and even between every session.


With over 25 years of experience as a leading indoor tanning bed distributor, the ETS indoor tanning bed selection includes the most sought after home and salon tanning beds in the industry. Whether you tan at home or own your own tanning salon, bronze with the best with Sunvision and SunQuest tanning beds that will bring tanning salon quality into your home and/or keep your tanning salon customers coming back for more.

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