Independent Living Aids - Seniors

Daily Living Aids - Low vision products, mobility and personal care aids for visually impaired seniors

Independent Living Aids provides seniors with daily living aids that help promote an active and independent lifestyle, from aids for visually impaired seniors to mobility, personal care aids and more.

Daily living aids - Independent Living Aids helps seniors achieve the independent lifestyles they want to lead, providing an assortment of innovative daily living aids from low vision products including magnifiers and talking watches to mobility aids and technologically advanced assistive aids and software products that work together to give seniors the freedom, accessibility and confidence to live and enjoy their lives to the fullest.


Aids for visually impaired - As we age, our visual acuity may slowly begin to decline but we can still enjoy the same activities and passions we've always loved thanks to the selection of low vision products featured at Independent Living Aids. You'll find elderly aids for those dealing with vision loss including reading glasses, machines and devices to restore your love of literature, magnifiers, talking products, sunglasses that sharpen focus while outdoors and other daily living aids to count on.


Mobility aids - Whether you're running errands or taking a walk in the park, you'll enjoy having the security and support you need with mobility living aids that help you get from point a to point b, safely and efficiently. You'll find a wide range of quality constructed canes and walkers that offer comfortable support and increased mobility for the visually impaired or elderly as well as cane accessories including cane holsters, straps, replacement tips and more.


Personal care aids - Make everyday tasks more manageable with an invaluable collection of daily living aids that will help make daily routines easier and less stressful. From dressing and grooming aids to functional wallets that will provide some extra peace of mind when it comes to shopping and money handling, ILA's selection of personal care assistive aids will get seniors back to their old daily routines in no time.

For over thirty years, Independent Living Aids has elevated the lives of seniors and individuals who are visually impaired or blind by providing essential aids for daily living. From low vision products to assistive aids that use the latest state of the art technology, ILA has helped elders regain their total independence, one product at a time.

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