SoundBytes Hearing

Hard of Hearing Products - Hearing amplifiers, phones, aids & accessories for the hard of hearing

SoundBytes is your main source for independent hearing products, providing a wide range of specialty products for the hard of hearing, from hearing amplifiers to phones for seniors and more.

Hard of hearing products - Whether you or your loved one is experiencing minor or significant hearing loss, SoundBytes can help. You'll find cell phones for hard of hearing seniors, bluetooth devices, clocks, watches and timers, personal hearing amplifiers, visual alerting systems and other high-quality products that will improve both large and small everyday activities for the hard of hearing.


Phones for hard of hearing - They will look forward to chatting on the phone once again, thanks to a high-tech selection of phones for hard of hearing loved ones. From cell phone amplifiers to corded and cordless phones, speaker phones to TTY and TDD phones that allow the user to make and receive calls without having to speak or hear, you'll find the perfect phone and the coordinating phone accessories that will make having telephone conversations easier and more enjoyable for everyone.


Hearing amplifiers - Besides a helpful assortment of hard of hearing products and phones, SoundBytes offers a wide selection of hearing amplifiers that will amplify every word and sound as well as vocal amplifiers that will help ensure that you are heard clearly. Choose from Conversation amplifiers, Voice & Speech amplifiers, Television & Audio amplifiers, Telephone & Cell phone amplifiers and Portable amplifiers that are comfortable, light weight and compact enough to carry with you at all times.


hearing aid products - Help your hearing aids perform better and last longer with a collection of helpful hearing aid products that range from poweful, long lasting hearing aid batteries and battery testers to soothing creams and lotions, easy-to-use cleaners, hearing aid dryers and security products that will prevent loss or damage to your expensive hearing aid instruments.

SoundBytes improves the lives of those struggling with hearing loss every day, providing products for the hard of hearing including innovative items that are designed to assist users whether they're in the middle of a conversation, on the phone, watching television or engaging in other important daily activities.

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