Walking Canes

Distinctive walking canes, cane handles and hiking sticks

The right walking cane aids mobility and looks good while helping you get around. Fashionable canes and walking sticks from Walking Canes are for men and women who want both style and function.

  • Medical Canes - Offset canes are easier to use than regular canes and make walking easier if you have had hip or knee surgery. A foldable or quad base cane is a practical accessory for anyone who has trouble getting around. Look for walking canes and blind or visually impaired canes with contoured hand grips, non slip rubber tips and wrist straps to make it easier to use your medical cane. Walking Canes offers a variety of cane sizes, from extra tall cane shafts to childrens canes. A cane is a practical and thoughtful gift that helps someone get on the road to recovery sooner, too.

  • Fashion and Designer Walking Canes - Classic European style walking canes are popular with both men and women. Walking Canes carries hundreds of fashionable cane styles with stylish Derby or Crook handles and plaid, flower or classic wood grain shafts. Add dash to your cane wardrobe with Swarovski crystal handles, rhinestones and elegant silver cane handles.

  • Walking Sticks - Hiking staffs and classic country sticks are a strong and durable accessory for hikers. Choose a trekking pole with a wooden or aluminum shaft and look for rubber tips that help navigate slippery terrain. Outdoors lovers with love the traditional appeal and practicality of an ash wood Shepherd's Crook, a hazel wood Knobstick or shillelagh imported from Ireland.

  • Cane Handles and Accessories - Sooner or later your favorite cane will need a replacement handle grip or a cushion palm hand grip to keep you comfortable. Anatomically correct cane handles are important for both left handed and right handed canes. The experts at Walking Canes will help you choose the correct handle for your comfort, whether it is a derby handle, fritz handle, ball handle or crook handle. If you are a hiker, consider a whistle attachment and compass to your trekking stick.

  • Collectible Walking Canes - Cane collectors treasure unusual and decorative canes and walking sticks with hand carved handles and hand painted shafts. Concealed compartment canes, brass handled canes and decorative horn handle canes are both elegant walking aids and beautiful collectibles. If you are a dog lover, select a walking cane with a cast or hand carved dog breed handle.
For both mobility and style, fashionable canes and walking sticks can help you walk more easily and make a fashion statement while you are out on the town or hiking country trails.

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