Buddha Groove

Buddhist art, statues, jewelry and decor from Buddha Groove, your online Buddhist store

Achieve enlightenment with an unparalleled collection of Buddhist art, from Buddhist statues to jewelry and decor from Buddha Groove's Buddhist store online.

  • Buddhist art - Bring a calming sense of serenity into your home while celebrating your spirituality with an exceptional collection of Buddhist art featured in the Buddha Groove gallery. You will find yourself completely awe-inspired by an international collection of creative designs and products that all derive their inspiration from Buddhism. Discover Buddha wall art that ranges from Wooden Wall Carvings to Thangka Paintings, Buddha Art Panels, Canvases, Relief Wall Art featuring various depictions of Buddha in relief and more exquisitely crafted pieces.

  • Buddhist statues - Transform your indoor and outdoor living spaces with a collection of handsome Buddhist statues that celebrate and showcase the talents, devotion and skilled craftsmanship of various skilled artisans from the United States as well as India, Indonesia, China, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam and other exotic locales. Add visual interest to every corner of your home or outdoor living areas with bright and cheerful Happy Buddha statues, an assortment of hand-carved and antique finish Buddha Head Statues, and a tranquil series of Garden Statues available in stone, ceramic and clay models that depict Buddha sitting, standing, praying, meditating or resting.

  • Buddha decor - Decorate your home or office while instilling your interiors with the serenity that Buddha stands for. Choose from a variety of decorative and calming Buddha home accents including Buddha candles and candleholders, incense gardens, Buddha bookends and other desktop accessories, Buddha accent pillows and journals that reveal an elegant sampling of Buddhist art.

  • Buddha jewelry - From captivating Buddha art to display in your home to wearable Buddhist art to display around your neck, you'll enjoy a stylish selection of Buddha jewelry designs that will make fashionable gifts for your loved ones and ethereal accessories for yourself. Choose from a precious range of Buddha pendant necklaces as well as other sterling silver charms and symbols representing the Buddhist faith. Browse Crystal Prayer Wheel pendants to Lotus charms, Yin Yangs to Oms and Endless Knots, as well as Buddha bracelets, earrings, meditation beads and more Buddhist inspired treasures.
From uplifting Buddhist art and artifacts to wearable Buddhist bags, jewelry and Happy Buddha statues, your online Buddhist store gives you access to a divine selection of items that are designed to inspire while preserving the tenets of Buddhist philosophies in our homes, gardens and offices.

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