Johnny T-Shirt

Anything and everything UNC fans need - from North Carolina jerseys to t shirts

A Chapel Hill tradition on Franklin Street since 1983, Johnny T-shirt is more loyal than your trusted golden retriever, serving Carolina fans across the US with their unparalleled stock of t-shirts.

  • UNC T shirts - One look through a Johnny T Shirt catalog, and you'll think you've died and gone to North Carolina fan heaven. Featuring an impressive selection of UNC T shirts: Men's, women's, kid's, infant, big or small, Johnny has UNC shirts for everyone, even your dog Sparky!

  • North Carolina jerseys - Find an impressive supply of North Carolina jerseys including North Carolina basketball jerseys, football jerseys, bike jerseys, women's soccer jerseys, and loads of other jerseys North Carolina fans would covet. They even have a Carolina Blue jersey romper for your fan that's still in diapers!

  • UNC Products - Carrying all varieties of UNC Products, you'll never be at a loss for a Christmas gift idea for your favorite Carolina fan. Mousepads, umbrellas, bookends, neon clocks, and every other UNC product under the sun, you'll find the UNC collectibles you need, at prices you can afford.

  • Kids Apparel - Anything and everything your mini Carolina fan's heart could ever desire. Take your pick of Carolina youth hats, zip jackets, pj pants, North Carolina kids basketball shorts, or hoodies to keep 'em warm at any game.

  • Toys and Games - Whether you're looking for a plush basketball for your toddler, or a mini basketball hoopster set for your seasoned dribbler, Johnny T-Shirt has a fun supply of toys, games and adorable team mascot stuffed animals to share with your favorite little cheerleaders.
Celebrating 25 years of providing quality UNC merchandise to Carolina fans across the country, count on Johnny T-shirt to deck you out and help flaunt that Carolina pride. See you at the big game!

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