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The catalog - with its money saving coupon code - is your leading source for well-priced, high quality life enhancement products that address almost all physical disabilities, injuries or pain. Featuring a wide range of products including physical therapy aids, mobility aids and other helpful aids for daily living that help put you on the right path to remaining active forever.

  • Physical therapy aids - Relieve pain while promoting health and overall physical fitness with physical therapy aids that help preserve, develop and restore physical functions that have been affected due to injury, disease or other causes. No matter what your condition is, ActiveForever provides a multitude of product solutions from weights to rollers and therapy balls that help rehabilitate from pain and suffering due to sports injuries, foot and ankle problems, hand, hip, knee difficulties and other physically limiting conditions.

  • Aids for daily living - Everyday living can become frustrating when you have a disability standing in your way. From vision and hearing loss to painful body injuries and old age, shop ActiveForever for physical therapy aids to help you get back on track as well as an assortment of daily living aids that will help you get by during your healing period while making life more manageable. From low vision and hearing loss devices to tools to help with gardening, book holders, auto accessories, medication managers and more breakthrough products.

  • Mobility walking aids - Whether you are recovering from surgery, dealing with a recurring leg injury, or simply need a bit of extra support, Active Forever brings you mobility walking aids that will keep you moving and physically active so you can continue living your life with ease. Featuring a selection of physical therapy aids and progressive mobility aids from lightweight walkers to ramps, walking canes, wheelchairs, scooters, rollators, lift chairs and items that will give you the freedom to go where you need to go while moving around effortlessly.

  • Safety aids - Launching innovative products and delivering perfection is what ActiveForever is all about, filling your home with safety aids for daily living that will give you the comfort of feeling safe in every room! Besides mobility walking aids you'll discover bathroom aids that will help you shower and bathe while avoiding potential slips and falls, bed rails for the bedroom, and kitchen aids that will keep you feeling independent with products that are carefully tested and approved with your safety in mind!
ActiveForever has an incredible variety of physical therapy aids that make lives better, including a unique assortment of life-enhancing gifts and ideas for the ones you love.

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