Auto body repair tools and supplies from - the Eastwood auto catalog

Get the job done right, with a premium selection of auto body repair tools, only from Eastwood auto supply.

  • Abrasive Blasting - Now you can blast away rust, scale and paint faster and easier than ever. The Eastwood auto body shop offers a powerful assortment of abrasive blasting products and equipment for expert DIY blasting at home. Take your pick from pressure blasters to soda blasters, siphon to portable spot blasters, plus blast cabinets, media, nozzles, and all of the auto body supplies, gear and equipment you need to keep your machines running and performing at full blast.

  • Auto Body - Whether you're repairing a minor dent or taking on a major restoration, the Eastwood catalog will equip you with the right auto body repair tools for any restoration, large or small. Stock up on basic to specialty auto body tools including hammer and dolly sets, welders and rotisserie, dent and door repair tools, fender rollers, panel flangers, body fillers and solders, sanding blocks, sandpaper, and more tools that will help you achieve professional results at minimal cost.

  • Powder Coating - Why spend hundreds of dollars at an auto body repair shop when you can score professional powder coating results right in your own garage? Eastwood auto supplies helps you achieve a durable powder coated finish with an extensive selection of powders available in over 90 colors. You'll find everything you need to powder your auto body panels, with powder coat guns, ovens, spray booths, curing lamps and more auto body supplies and accessories that will help you achieve the ultimate auto body finish.

  • Rust Solutions - Keep your classic auto body looking rich and rust free with a wide selection of high performance rust solutions that will not only remove rust, but prevent it from coming back again. Stop rust from the inside out with heavy-duty formulas, liquids, discs and sprays that will remove, treat, and prevent rust from forming. Choose from either the Eastwood auto mechanical or chemical rust removers and dissolvers, or the hi-tech POR-15 coating that will transform your rust into a paint ready surface.
From paints and welders to abrasive blasters and rust removers, your classic auto bodies will never look better, with a little help from Eastwood auto.

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