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Sears tool catalog featuring Craftsman tools, and over 130 other premium tool brands

Whether you are a construction pro, mechanic, woodworker or a DIYer, the Sears Tool Catalog is your ultimate resource guide for tools. You will find exceptional products from renowned brands and America's #1 rated brand for overall quality Craftsman.

  • Sears tool catalog - Every working man deserves a high quality collection of professional tools from the Sears tool catalog featuring Sears Craftsman tools, portable power tools, hand tools, tool sets, mechanics tools, plus garage and tool storage that will keep that garage looking clean, organized and ready for your next project!

  • Sears Craftsman tools - Shop the Sears Craftsman tool catalog with tools designed for the professional craftsman! Load up on bench tools like saws and grinders, compressors, Sears Craftsman power tools or a brand new Sears Craftsman workbench! Don't forget to stock up on useful general tools from hammers to wrenches and Craftsman screwdrivers!

  • Sears Selection - The Sears tool catalog has got you covered with their awesome selection - from the smallest socket to the full-size drill press and everything in between. You can even create your own ideal tool set with a customized carry case under their exciting new Craftsman Build-A-Set program.

  • Sears Innovation - The Sears tool catalog is constantly seeking out unique products and innovations. Look for Ed and Tony's Avatar images and pics throughout the Sears tool catalog for great items and brands that offer exceptional performance and value.

  • Sears Personalization - Offering personalization including name, initials or slogans on select Sears Craftsman tool products - a great way to cleverly identify your tools!
To get an expert job done, you need expert tools. If you're a Craftsman tool fan, you'll be thrilled with the outstanding selection featured in the Sears Annual Tool catalog. You'll always have the right tools under your belt when you shop with Sears.

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