Race Catalog by Speedway Motors

Racing parts Catalog - Racing parts from Speedway Racing

The Race Catalog by Speedway Motors is the racing parts catalog that wins you the checkered flag every time you race, with high performance race parts for Oval Track racing, Dirt Tack racing, Stock Car racing and other highly competitive, heart racing events!

  • Race parts - Slow and steady doesn't always win the race. Prepare to fly around the track with high quality and high speed race parts that will leave the other race cars in the dust. Their racing parts catalog lets you choose from race wheels and tires from Weld Racing and Bassett Racing Wheels, Schoenfeld headers, Afco shocks, Autometer gauge sets and panels, Race chassis, Race seats, Radiators, Fuel cells and pumps, plus hundreds of other tools, parts and accessories that help you earn those racing stripes!

  • Race engines - Whether you're racing with the IMCA or signed up for a Wissota racing event, you'll always feel confident on the speedway when you shop from the racing parts catalog that is the Official Speed Shop of Wissota Racing! Shop for high-speed race parts that will get your engines revved up and raring to go the moment you reach the starting line including Camshafts, Valve covers, Air and Oil filters, Pistons, Motor Mounts and more engine racing parts that will leave your race car in primo shape, down to the very last bolt, nut and stud!

  • Race seats - The Speedway Motors racing parts catalog puts you in the driver's seat, literally, with a selection of racing seats that will spruce up any race car interior. You'll find the a supreme collection of Kirkey race seats from layback seats to lightweight racing seats, full containment seats, Junior racing seats and vintage class bucket seats, plus head, shoulder and leg supports, neck restraints and more protective race parts and accessories that will keep you safe while strapped in.
The race is on, every time you browse the pages of Speedway's Racing Parts Catalog. Shop for race parts through the catalog or online, with hundreds of parts available from your favorite brands including MSD Ignition, Edelbrock, Comp Cams, Wilwood, Simpson and more of the leading manufacturers of racing.

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