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Aroma Naturals Wholesale-The Natural HBC Grp

Best wholesale candles - Aromatherapy scented and natural soy candles at the best wholesale prices

The best wholesale candles featuring natural soy and scented candles to fill the candle aisles of your store, spa or gift shop.

  • Wholesale soy candles - If you haven't experienced all natural soy candles from Aroma Naturals, odds are that your customers already have. Today's candle connoisseurs know and appreciate the difference between regular wax candles and the environmentally conscious eco soy candles that are expertly handcrafted, deliciously fragrant and made from all natural ingredients.

    Aroma Naturals delivers the best wholesale candles that are sold in retail stores all around the world, featured in Health and Natural Food Stores, Spas, Gift Shops, Florists and Designer Showrooms. Treat your clientele to wholesale soy candles that exude the intoxicating aromas they desire and the cleaner, safer, longer burning wicks they deserve.

  • Wholesale scented candles - Give your customers access to all of the amazing benefits of aromatherapy with the best wholesale scented candles that reflect not only your company's standards of excellence, but your commitment to the environment as well. Give them the gift of well-being with all natural handcrafted candles designed for the mind, body and spirit, made with highly concentrated essential oils and pure plant aromas that boast the amazing abilities to relieve stress, provide balance, promote relaxation and soothe the spirit.

  • Wholesale seasonal candles - Fill your store with a seasonal selection of soy candles that can be circulated and enjoyed all year round. From Holiday themed Evergreen, Peppermint, Cinnamon and Clove based fragrances to fruity and Citronella scented candles for Summers spent outdoors and flowery notes and scent combinations that celebrate the birth of Spring, your candle shelves will always be plentiful no matter what time of the year it is, with the best wholesale candles that are in demand come Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall.

  • Customized candles - Ideal for the holiday season, you'll find a festive collection of custom giant pillar candles that are handmade with an assortment of Aroma Naturals' most popular aromas. Each wholesale scented candle emits a symphony of fragrance notes as the individual layers burn for up to 150 hours. Invest in personalized accents that are bound to be a bestselling item for your shop when the Christmas months near, especially with celebrity fans like Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith penning their own labels to share their customized candle gifts with friends.
Whether you are refurbishing your own supply of aromatherapy candles to create a therapeutic environment in your spa or restocking your retail shelves with the perfect eco-friendly candle gifts, you'll find the best wholesale soy candle collection that will satisfy your customers and clients while satisfying your company budget.

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