Solid Apollo-Commercial

Commercial LED lighting for your business needs

Invest in commercial LED lighting for your store or business, featuring light systems and solutions that will save thousands of company dollars.

  • Commercial LED Lighting - Store, shop and business owners across the country are making the switch to energy efficient LED lighting every day, embracing LED technology and all of the benefits and rewards that come along with it, not only for the environment, but for their own wallets.

    Shave off up to 85% off of monthly electrical bills by stocking your establishment with innovative commercial LED systems including LED controllers, LED display lighting and bulbs, with a variety of systems available that can be installed in any space, large or small.

  • Display LED Lighting - Keep your merchandise well lit and completely safe from discoloration with energy efficient solutions that will protect every product. You'll find LED Linear lighting, LED fixtures designed for installation inside display cases, LED strips, bars, module string, and more systems that will provide better, more focused lighting for various retail display applications.

  • Dynamic White LED Strip Lights - Add versatility and variety with dynamic white LED strip lights that are fully adjustable between warm white and cold white. Solid Apollo's commercial LED lighting options will allow you to be in control of your display, jewelry, task or cove lit areas with a selectable range of high color temperatures between 2750K to 7000K.

  • LED Bulbs - Save money on your company electrical bill every month with a vast variety of LED bulbs for commercial use, with lights designed specifically to highlight and showcase various shop and store displays. Invest in lights that will last longer and reduce carbon emissions as well as maintenance costs, featuring the pure and warm white LED MR11 series of light bulbs that are used extensively in display case lighting.
Solid Apollo is part of LEDsense Technologies Inc., serving the commercial market with energy efficient LED lights and solutions for all of their business needs.

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