Hand trucks, platform trucks, carts, and material transportation solutions

The Magliner catalog is your source for the leading brand in the material handling industry. People depend upon Magliner hand and motorized trucks, carts, and other material handling products across a wide swathe of manufacturing, distribution, and other material handling professions.

  • Hand Trucks, Replacement Parts, and Accessories - Find the right hand truck for the job in the Magliner catalog with two-wheel hand trucks, convertible/collapsible, multi-position, parcel, and powered hand trucks. This is the store that has the tool you need to move your load efficiently, effectively, and economically. You will also be able to order the replacement parts, including frames, wheels, noses, and handles. If you are looking for accessories, you will be pleased with the selection of stair climber kits, keg hooks, ramps, and so much more!

  • Powered Products - Move heavy and awkward loads long distances, up inclines, or across uneven terrain. Our powered products help you transport your materials more safely and more efficiently.

  • Lift Trucks - If you need to lift heavy loads from the floor onto shelving or into working position, you don't rely only on your muscles and your back. Consider a lift truck, or stacker to help lift those heavy or bulky loads.

  • Design Your Own - If our popular models donít meet your needs, feel free to design your own equipment with our on-line configurator. The Design Your Own application makes it fun and easy to create the hand truck or powered product that meets your specific needs!
Whether youíre moving cartons, dry goods, taking out the trash, or looking for ways to move items in your shop or business, Magliner brand hand trucks, lift systems, powered equipment and accessories get it done.

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