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Energy saving systems - Energy saving power strips to water saving devices and more

Transform your business into a Green zone with innovative energy saving systems from Green Express Direct Wholesale.

  • Energy saving systems - Now your business can be in eco-friendly good company while running more efficiently thanks to breakthrough energy saving systems that will reduce carbon emissions and save your company up to hundreds upon thousands of dollars a year.

    From Eco-Buttons for the office that put computers into energy saving mode at the touch of a button to Smart Strips energy saving power strips and charging stations that put an end to wasted energy while preventing idle power loss, your offices will run smoother and you'll feel better about doing your part to conserve electricity.

  • Water saving systems - From energy saving power strips to water saving faucets, you can give your company a green makeover in no time, with the water and energy saving systems in stock at Green Parts Direct. Invest in giving your bathrooms and kitchens an environmentally friendly makeover with water saving shower faucets and sink faucets that meet WaterSense criteria to conserve water without ever sacrificing performance.

  • Lighting Control & Energy Management Systems - Reduce your company budget and your company's carbon footprint by saving on energy bills while meeting green building standards with hi-tech lighting control, energy management and building automation systems. These innovative energy saving systems utilize wireless technology to turn off power to unoccupied rooms, regulate HVAC temperatures, and dim the lights for day lighting. They also harness self-powered wireless technology that require no batteries or wires while saving you time and money spent on various wiring and lighting installations.

  • Recycling - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle with recycling containers that will be put to good use. Set a good example by treating your employees to valuable water and energy saving systems and the vessels they need to recycle their plastic bottles, soda cans paper and everyday waste products that normally end up overpopulating landfills. Stock up on a wide variety of recycle bins to stash in offices and company kitchens as well as paper shredders that help eliminate standard paper tosses into the trash by holding up to 60 lbs of paper.
Allow Green Express Direct to supply your offices and work stations with energy saving systems that will save your company money while saving and preserving our natural resources, because saving the environment is everyone's business.

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