Marcus Uniforms

Quality uniforms and scrubs for your medical, hospitality or restaurant staff

Let the Marcus Uniforms catalog be your source for medical scrubs and other work uniforms, including:

  • Hospital employee and nurse scrubs - Keep your medical staff looking professional and comfortable in soft, durable medical scrubs. Choose from warm-up style, solids, or popular print nurse uniforms from leaders in the business like Barco, Peaches and Cherokee medical scrubs.

  • Restaurant uniforms - Your kitchen staff will look professional in new White Swan Five Star Fundamentals chef coats, pants, hats, and aprons from the Marcus Uniforms catalog.

  • Vet scrubs - It doesn't matter if your patients have 2 legs or 4 - your employees still need a durable, comfortable uniform. Scrubs are an economical, long lasting choice for a veterinary practice where frequent soiling means repeated launderings.

  • Pediatric office staff and nursing scrubs - Make staff and patient interactions a little easier when you select cartoon print nurse uniforms for all your pediatric care settings. Perfect for pediatric medical and dentistry practices, the bright colors and friendly designs from Cherokee and Peaches Scrubs reduce anxiety in your young patients.

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