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Wholesale school medical supplies - from an eye test chart to diabetic supplies

School Kids Healthcare is your main source for discount medical products and school nursing supplies for your clinic, school or health classroom. Find wholesale diabetic supplies, diabetic testing kits, manual blood pressure cuffs, health education videos, a new eye test chart, and more of the items you need to maintain a healthy and safe environment for your young patients.

  • Medical supplies - School Kids Healthcare offers a complete line of diagnostic equipment and patient assessment devices including thermometers, manual blood pressure cuffs, finger pulse oximeters, stethoscopes, otoscopes and more. Whether your school or clinic needs new Littmann stethoscopes, arm slings, or a CPR pocket mask, you'll find the perfect instrument at School Kids Healthcare.

  • Discount school nursing supplies - Find all the nursing supplies you need, no matter what the prognosis is. From band-aids, books on health nutrition for kids and Lysol spray and disinfectants to crest kids toothpaste, neon toothbrushes, tooth saver chests and other products focused on dental health for kids. Trust them to make sure your nurses are ready for any emergency.

  • Wholesale diabetic supplies - Kids dealing with diabetes along with their families, school personnel and health care providers face unique challenges when dealing with the ever growing disease. School Kids Healthcare helps kids learn more about type 1 and type 2 diabetes with their educational books and handbooks while also providing them with the supplies they need to help manage the disease. Find diabetic supplies such as diabetic testing kits, lancets, glucose meters, glucose tablets and more to help them maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • Vision and hearing tests - Providing you with the best vision testing and hearing testing equipment, choose from audiometers and audioscopes to test their hearing and vision screeners, slides or a good old fashioned eye test chart for visual acuity testing.
School Kids Healthcare is committed to supplying your school or clinic with the medical products you need while providing you with the finest customer service, discount pricing, expert knowledge as well as quick and free ground shipping. So make it a point to count on School Kids Healthcare, doctors orders!

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