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Shambhala Publications

Spirituality resources and everything Zen - for a fuller and more enlightened existence

Browse the Shambhala shop catalog or website for spirituality and religion resources, and information on everything Zen.

  • Zen and Tibetan Buddhism traditions - Learn about Buddhist beliefs from the leaders in contemporary Buddhist writing. Their catalog and site are the perfect place for finding books to answer your questions about historical Buddhism, everything Zen, or the nuances of Tibetan practice.

  • Meditation resources - Learn how to practice Zen meditation, or explore Taoist, Judaic and Christian resources to expand your prayer and meditation life. Choose from works by Shynryu Suzuki, Thomas Merton, Alan Morinis, Thomas Cleary, Krishamurti, and other insightful writers who share their spirituality with information that can transform your practice and your life.

  • Books about spirituality and religion - The collection at Shambhala Publications includes inspiring works from the world's greatest spiritual traditions. Choose from works of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and Taoism as well as Zen. Religion, in its purest form, knows no boundaries or labels. Browse their catalog for books offering everything from facts about Buddhism and the poetry of the Sufi mystic Rumi to discussions on the mission of St. Francis of Assisi.

  • Dharma art - Bring peace to your home or office with a painting or calligraphy featuring traditional Buddhist symbols like the Enso (the Circle.) The dharma is the law or the way to enlightenment, and Buddhist arts are an expression of the dharma…they are focal points for energy, guidance, direction and meditation. Choose the symbols to represent your path or request a custom piece featuring the Buddhist symbols or Zen theme of your choice.

  • Healing mandalas to color - Open your heart to the healing powers of Buddhist mandalas, As you work through the books, coloring the intricate patterns, you'll experience healing and spiritual growth. Mandala art has been used for centuries as a way to access healing power and spiritual strength,

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