Nature inspired miniature figures and collectibles

The Safari Ltd catalog offers a unique collection of museum quality dinosaur, wildlife and historical figures that educate through play, with coupon code savings that make adding to your child's collection easy on your budget.

  • Dinosaur Miniatures - Kids will love taking a trip to prehistoric times with Carnegie Dinosaur Collectibles, Wild Safari Dinosaur figures and Great Dino's collection of hand painted miniatures. Safari is packed with adventure and education, and young anthropologists will love collecting Acrocanthosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Megalodon and Stegosaurus figures. They even have baby dinosaurs and textured dinosaur eggs that open to reveal infant dinosaurs. Create a scientifically accurate diorama with a herd of dinosaurs and tree ferns.

  • Animals and Wildlife - Nature lovers will find farm animals, Best in Show dogs and Winner's Circle Horses to start or add to a collection. The Safari Farm collection has miniatures for the most exotic of farm setups, from Brahma bull and alpaca to pygmy nanny goats. There is also a huge selection of wildlife, including elephants, snakes and reptiles and a Sealife Collection brimming with fish and other water inhabitants. Kids will spend hours arranging their animal collection, and learn about ecology, the environment and the natural world while they play.

  • Fantasy and Dragons - For collectors whose preference runs to fantasy, Safari Ltd offers dragons, mythical creatures like centaurs and Cerberus, and gnomes. They also have miniature people to pose with in fantastical scenes like Hercules, King Alfred and Medusa. And of course, there are plenty of beautiful fairies to create fantasy-scapes and inspire imaginative play.

  • Safari Ltd Toobs for Collectors - The dedicated miniature collector will love the Toobs Collection, which offers multiple Safari Ltd figurines in one container. Toobs contain hand painted miniature collectibles in collections of 5 to 18 pieces per container. Choose from education toy Toob selections, Designer Toobs, American Civil War series and holiday Toobs. Their coupon code savings make it easy to collect lots of miniatures, and the Mega Toobs and Bulk Bag options will keep collectors busy for hours.
Safari Ltd figures are designed to be museum-quality likenesses and are constantly updated with new scientific data. Each figurine is hand painted and of the highest quality for wholesale to gift shops, zoos, aquariums, gift store and educational stores.

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