Cenco Physics

Physics equipment and supplies for the science lab or homeschool

Equip your physics classroom, school science lab or home school science area with top quality equipment, supplies and activity kits designed to teach physics through seeing, doing and touching.

  • Physics science lab equipment - Check out their catalog for all the physical science lab equipment you'll need for basic and advanced physics experiments at home and in the classroom.

  • Physics science projects, kits and demonstrations - Bring science out of the textbooks and into the classroom or home with hands-on physics experiments and demonstration products. A well-designed physics toy can teach more about the principles of physics than several chapters in a book. See and touch science in action in your home or school, and make the whole world into an exciting physics classroom.

  • Supplies and kits for science classroom experiments - If you're setting up science centers in the classroom or at home, you'll find the tools, supplies and reference materials you need at Cenco. From activities geared towards lessons on magnetism for kids to equipment and activities that teach electricity basics, they have the supplies you need to make learning physics an adventure.

  • Supplies for physics science fair projects - Make your physics science projects extra special with equipment, supplies and kits from Cenco. Check out their physics demo projects to make your project stand out from the rest.

From physics science lab equipment to hands on projects, it's all at Cenco.

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