Lee Valley Tools

For all your woodworking hobbies - Wood carving and wood burning tools

The Lee Valley catalog has one of the widest selections of quality woodworking hand tools in North America, as well as the Veritas® line of innovative tools and accessories.

  • Wood carving - Lee Valley has a full selection of carving chisels, gouges and knives, available individually or in sets, for large and small hand carving projects, as well as carving burrs, attachments and accessories for power carving.

  • Sharpening - Lee Valley has everything you need to make your tools sharp - from sharpening stones and jigs to diamond hones and leather strops. The Veritas® Mk.II power sharpening system is so easy to use that perfect results are possible by someone who has virtually no experience in sharpening blades.

  • Marking & Measuring - Whatever your required degree of precision and accuracy, they have rules, tape measures, profile gauges, calipers, levels and meters, as well as a wide selection of pencils, squares, marking knives, compasses and marking gauges, to handle all of your marking and measuring needs.

  • Woodturning - Lee Valley carries a broad range of woodturning accessories for the amateur and professional woodturner, including chisels and gouges, turning blanks in a variety of materials, pen and pencil making supplies, as well as dozens of other project kits.

  • Clamping - Woodworkers value clamps for their ability to quickly and accurately clamp panels, carcasses and frameworks, for dry assembly as well as glue-ups. There's a plethora of clamps - bar clamps, pipe clamps, spring clamps, hold-down clamps, C-clamps, fast-acting clamps, web clamps, panel clamps - and workbenches, in a range of sizes and prices to suit your requirements and budget.

  • Routing - Lee Valley has the molding, edge treatment, chamfer, dovetail and joinery router bits you need for all your routing operations. The Veritas® Router Table System and accompanying accessories, as well as the broad range of jigs and templates available, all provide solutions to everyday routing problems.

  • Finishing - Choose from a wide selection of abrasives, steel wool, sanding pads, buffing cloths, waxes, oil finishes, sealers, varnishes, lacquers, shellacs, stains, applicators, and wood-burning systems.

  • Drilling - Whether you are a hard-core woodworker or a hobbyist, you'll find a vast assortment of drill bits, from spoon, auger and spade bits to specially designed brad point, forstner and saw tooth bits, to help you drill quickly, cleanly and accurately.

  • Planing and scraping - Whether you need to clean a hinge gain or flatten a large panel, look no further than the Veritas® family of woodworking hand planes. The selection includes general-purpose block planes, bench planes, smoothing planes, jack planes, fore planes, scraping planes, shoulder planes, palm planes, edge-trimming planes, and router planes. And for smooth, chatterfree shaping of chair spindles, paddles and tool handles, you'll find a practical selection of spokeshaves, chair devils, and scraper shaves.

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