Littleton Coin Company

Collectible U.S. coins and currency, world coins and ancient money

Coin collectors will find a tremendous selection of coins, collectible coin sets and currency at Littleton Coin Company, along with quality displays, albums and coin collection supplies.

U.S. Gold and Silver - Browse the Littleton Coin Company catalog for prestigious U.S. silver and gold bullion. You will be impressed with their collection of platinum, silver and gold American Eagle bullion coins, genuine gold nuggets and the beautiful $50 gold American Buffalo. Coin collectors will find Uncirculated, Choice and Gem Uncirculated, and Proof-grade coins, with various weights and denominations from $1 - $50. Gold and silver coins at Littleton are presented in rolls, tubes, Showpak® and specialty coin display cases.

Complete Selection of U.S. Coins - Collectors will find cents, nickels, dimes, quarters, half dollars and dollars in a wide range of grades, and in a variety of categories including U.S. commemoratives, U.S. Mint & Proof Sets, early U.S. obsolete coinage, error coins, and Native American and Presidential dollars. You can collect more using the Little Coin Company coupon code - so have fun browsing novelty items and jewelry made with genuine U.S. coins. You will find Morgan silver dollar belt buckles, silver American Eagles in special greeting holders, intriguing replicas, and popular colorized coins and sets featuring Wild West legends, Civil War leaders, and WWII victors.

Ancients, Antiquities and Medieval Coins - History buffs will be fascinated by the array of ancient coins handpicked by the coin collecting experts at Littleton Coin Company. Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Medieval coins are collector favorites, with images of famous ancient rulers in bronze, copper, gold or silver. Their ancient coins are relics of civilizations long gone and make fascinating coin displays in mixed type sets or theme collections.

World Currency and Coins - Paper money and coins from around the world can lead you on a global exploration. Find coins with leaders, local symbols, historical figures and more from Africa, Europe, the Middle East and more. They have world favorites, too, like the Australia Kangaroo, Austria Philharmonic, South Africa Krugerrand, China Panda and Mexico Libertad. Coin collectors will find Littleton Coin coupon codes and specials with collectible international coins for every budget, featuring economy-grade items for the budget conscious and premium-quality coins for discerning collectors.

Littleton Coin Company is America’s favorite coin source since 1945, with a 45-day money back guarantee that makes ordering coins online risk free. The Littleton company was created by coin collectors for coin collectors, and is committed to providing quality products, coin collecting supplies and collector merchandise.

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