Brain and fine motor skill products that enhance learning

The positive effects of tactile stimulation are the inspiration for the innovative brain stimulation tool available from the Brainpaths catalog for therapy, education and people of all ages who want to keep their brain active and alert.

  • Using Touch to Rewire the Brain - Brainpaths is a neurosurgical exercise tool that uses textures similar to Braille to stimulate the brain. Registered and listed with the FDA, the grooves and patterns on the Brainpath device travel from mechanoreceptors in the fingertips to the brain creating a fine motor exercise that helps build brain synapses, enhances learning and improves mental activity. Like Braille, the indentations and patterns in their neurological device leverages the power of touch and its connection to the brain.

  • Building Mental Acuity - The simple act of tracing the pleasing patterns on the Brainpaths device builds mental activities into each day and challenges the mind while providing stimulation and improved brain function. The molded plastic discs are available in 8.5 inch and 10 inch designs, and are easy to use at a table or desk. Lightweight 3 inch Brainchips models are perfect as a handheld activity for seniors, children and brain therapy patients.

  • Repetition forms Connections - Repeating cognitive activities, like tracing and retracing the stimulation patterns on the Brain paths maze, stimulates and builds the cells and connections needed for right brain activities. Repetition may compensate for age related declines in cognitive areas. The Brainpaths catalog features a devices in different shapes, sizes and configurations to assist patients with Alzheimer's Disease, brain trauma, dementia, Multiple Sclerosis and other brain disorders.

  • Learning at Your Fingertips - Tactile exercises like puzzles, mazes and blocks have been proven to enhance learning in young children and babies. Using the 100,000 nerves in the human hand, Brain path toys call upon finger touch to build cognitive ability and improve fine motor skills as part of a special education or early learning program.
Check back often in the Brainpaths catalog for breakthroughs in touch therapy and brain stimulation products, with new tools - like the touch table top for preschools and nursing homes - designed to maximize the powerful connection between the fingertips and the brain.

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