Achievement Products

Products for Pediatric Occupational and Physical Therapy including sensory integration

Achievement Products for Children offers a wide selection of high quality therapy products that help children overcome daily challenges and achieve their full potential. For more than 30 years, they’ve been a leader in pediatric rehabilitation equipment. They make caring for and teaching special needs children with physical challenges, brain damage, sensory integration disorder, and cognitive learning disabilities easier.

Choose from:
  • Pediatric occupational therapy products -- Develop new skills and reinforce existing ones with adaptive equipment and early intervention products specially designed for children facing physical and developmental disabilities. Choose from a variety of sensory stimulation toys, manipulatives and pediatric therapy equipment designed to stimulate brain function, coordination, movement and visual-motor skills.

  • Movement and coordination tools and activities -- Unlike standard physical therapy equipment catalogs, everything at Achievement Products has been selected to address the specific needs of small children with coordination, sensory, positioning, and spatial challenges. From finger exercises to gross motor games, each of their unique therapy products focuses on the needs of children with physical and sensory issues including cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, brain injury, and autism. Toys, mats, manipulatives, and music encourage and reinforce essential skills with every use.

  • Products for daily life -- Make everyday life easier for your child and the family with specially designed travel and daily care products designed to accommodate unique needs. Select from special needs strollers and car seats for daily travel, feeding chairs, adaptive cups, utensils and dishes designed to accommodate pediatric feeding disorders, and pediatric commodes for successful toileting.

  • Perceptual and fine motor stimulation products -- They offer an exceptional selection of fine motor products including, activity books, puzzles, pegboards, parquetry, shape and color sorters, form boards, mini pegs, tall stacker pegs, colorforms, nuts and bolts, fanta colorino, wind-ups, mini tongs, Wikki Stix and more. Check out their dressing and lacing section for beads, dressing vests and boards, lacing shapes and shoe tying items for teaching special needs children daily life skills.

  • Positioning aids -- The correct position and posture is essential for daily activity and learning for your child. Autism, sensory issues, or physical challenges can make it difficult to maintain the appropriate position. Let their extensive selection of pediatric standers, corner chairs and other positioning aids assist your child in achieving and maintaining the right posture for movement and focus.

  • Evaluation and assessment tools -- Accurately evaluate fine and gross motor skills,, communication skills, autism, cognitive learning disabilities and sensory integration deficits with their validated developmental assessment checklists and assessment tools.

  • Communication tools and skill builders -- Develop and improve communication skills with portable communication grids, handwriting slant boards, raised line paper, interactive readers, oral-motor therapy products and other materials designed to overcome communication problems.

  • Sensory intervention for sensory challenges -- Achievement Products offers hundreds of top quality products for sensory integration therapy, including resource books, scooterboards, therapy swings and frames and equipment for rocking and vestibular stimulation .

There are many special needs catalogs, but for over 30 years, Achievement Products has been the first choice of parents, therapist and educators for the right products for children facing physical, sensory, communication, and positioning challenges. Their catalog offers proven pediatric physical therapy products and sensory integration resources for parents, educators and therapists dealing with children with a variety challenges, including traumatic brain injury, learning disabilities, organic brain damage, cerebral palsy, autism and other pervasive developmental disorders. For everything from walkers and physioballs to weighted vests and adaptive scissors, Achievement Products for Children is the resource committed to you and your child.

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