Summit Math

Cool Math for kids with fun learning activities and games for the classroom

Summit Math is a math teacher's dream come true with an enormous selection of hands-on teaching materials and cool math games for kids from primary mathematics through pre-algebra and geometry (grades K-9). The Summit Catalog contains math manipulatives, resource books, calculators, overhead materials, math posters, electronic aids, fun games, cool software programs, pocket charts, and other kids number crunching supplies!

  • Cool math games for kids - Reading, writing and arithmetic was never this fun, or this cool! Summit Math features a brilliant selection of cool math games for the classroom from algebra games to interactive math games like Classroom Jeopardy! Whether you need kindergarten math activities for the little ones or 5th grade math games for older kids, your class will think learning is play time with Summit Math on your side!

  • Child math manipulatives - Use math manipulatives to ensure your students have a firm understanding of mathematical concepts. For Math manipulatives and fun math games for kids that support understanding, Summit Math brings you cool bead strings, color tiles, fun pattern blocks, tangrams, dominoes and even more fun math activities for kids that make math learning an authentic experience for everyone!

  • Math resources for teachers - Besides Summit's unparalleled collection of cool math games for the classroom, they offer an A+ variety of teacher's resources and materials that will make your job easy and fun for kids! With teaching materials conveniently packaged in classroom kits you'll have plenty of hands-on learning materials from Algebra worksheets to activity math books, plus electronic grading pens, pointers, charts and more!

  • Preschool math activities - Summit makes it easy to get those little kids on the right track for math success with Hands-On Standards for teaching Math manipulatives to children in PreK with coordinating Math kits containing color cubes, attribute blocks, cool Link'n'Learn® Links, fun Snap Cubes®, Three Bear Family® Counters, Backyard Bugs™ counters, reversible Graph It! mat, sorting circles and other cool math games all housed in a convenient storage tub!

  • Elementary math games - They've graduated from PreK and Kindergarten, now it's time to make learning math elementary with an entertaining supply of kids math games for elementary school students! Give your class a treat with 1st grade math games and materials for 2nd grade math through 5th! You'll find multiplication flash cards and other fun tricks for learning math that are guaranteed to capture your student's interest!
When it comes to math for kids, the experts at Summit Math have carefully selected the best math books, math manipulatives, calculators, cool software, teaching resources, and cool math games for the classroom. Focusing on math materials that increase understanding, fun and retention of core concepts, using cooperative learning as well as traditional drill and practice, Summit Math has truly got your number.

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