Rainbow Resource

Educational tools, resources and curriculum for homeschoolers, parents and educators

Over 40,000 educational products and learning tools for homes and schools, from the Rainbow Resource Center.

  • Early Learning - It's never too soon to get little ones on the path to learning. From alphabetical learning aids to musical toys, speech and learning development resources, their catalog delivers all of the tools and learning materials you need to stimulate the senses while helping Pre-K students and early learners on their journey towards intellectual growth. Stock up on engaging early learning activities, instructional books, coloring books and storybooks, flash cards, building blocks, and more beneficial products that will help young ones learn, grow and flourish during their early stages of development.

  • Search by Subject - No matter what subject your student or classroom is focusing on, the Rainbow Resource Center has the tools, tips, resources and solutions that will help them get the most out of every lesson. Shop by subject from a long list of essential curriculum including:

    • Art/Crafts
    • English/Writing
    • Foreign Language
    • Handwriting
    • History/Geography
    • Language Arts
    • Logic
    • Mathematics
    • Phonics
    • Science

      ...and even more course specific products for full curriculum development that will cover students from Kindergarten to Grade 12, and beyond.

  • Homeschool Tools - If you've made the decision to educate your children at home, the Rainbow Resource Center is your ultimate Homeschool headquarters, serving the homeschooling community with thousands of products that will lead you and your students down the road to educational success. Choose from a variety of Rainbow Resource Center catalog homeschool tools including lesson plan books, curriculum resources, incentives, test prep, and everything you need to make learning at home a fun, engaging and rewarding experience for both teacher and student. You'll also have access to a team of helpful, experienced homeschool consultants that are happy to answer your curriculum questions at no extra charge.

  • Games, Puzzles & Toys - Make learning fun and exciting with a collection of games, toys, puzzles and activities that are as entertaining as they are educational. Choose from early learning toys, active and outdoor play toys, construction and building toys, jigsaw puzzles, brain teasers, classic games, card games, and other fun diversions that will challenge their minds while encouraging them to play.
The Rainbow Resource catalog has served home and school based educators since 1989, making it their mission to provide the best educational products to homeschoolers, parents, and educators alike. Browse over 40,000 quality educational products that span all subject areas and all ages, from early learners to high schoolers and beyond.

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