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K12 student resources and books for teachers, counselors, and parents

Find award-winning K12 resources and books for early childhood, character education, bullying, special needs, service learning, professional development, and more!

Conflict Resolution Activities and books - Free Spirit Publishing helps educators put an end to harmful bullying and teasing with a series of conflict resolution activities and resources from helpful CD Roms to games and workbooks that feature a diverse range of hands-on activities that will help children of all ages learn how to manage their anger, build communication skills, resolve conflicts in a constructive manner, build empathy and learn how to get along with one another both in and out of the classroom.


Early Childhood Resources - Develop character, teach positive behavior, and promote social skills with Free Spirit Publishing's early childhood resources. Colorful illustrations depict real-life situations, lots of diversity, and concrete examples. Find early childhood books that provide support for adults, including activities, strategies, and tips that help teachers and parents reinforce lessons children are learning. Visit their early childhood page for educator and parent resources today.


character education Resources - Build character to last a lifetime with Free Spirit's character education books and resources. Invite kids and teens to explore and practice honesty, kindness, responsibility, respect, tolerance, caring, and other positive traits and attitudes. Browse Free Spirit's educational catalog for character education books that can perfectly complement your current character education curriculum!


Professional Development - Free Spirit's professional growth resources provide thorough yet user-friendly content with real-world strategies; a cost-effective means of training for small groups, schools, or districts; up-to-date educational resources on a multitude of topics; opportunities for active, hands-on learning; and best practices that improve student learning.

Free Spirit offers professional development resources (books, CD-ROMs, and other tools) in these key areas:

Differentiation & RTI

Gifted Education Resources & Special Needs

Service Learning


Bullying & School Climate

Character Education Resources

Visit Free Spirit Publishing's professional development department for a list of workshop presenters and trainers, free downloads, and information about earning graduate credits using select early childhood books.

Bring teachers, parents, and students a wide collection of learning tools that help support young people's social-emotional health as well as their educational needs, from early childhood education books to special education resources and helpful aids that promote professional development and success.

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