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Early Learning Activities - Early learning games, books, resources and materials from Kaplan learning

Kaplan Early Learning features an exceptional compilation of early learning activities and resources that help promote learning through play, from early learning games to books and more.

Kaplan Early Learning - The Kaplan Early Learning catalog is filled with an extensive selection of educational products for young learners, providing cutting-edge resources that enhance every aspect of a child's early education. Fill your classrooms with early learning activities to keep young minds engaged, creative arts and crafts materials, active and dramatic play toys, classroom supplies, early learning books and more learning essentials.


Early learning activities & toys - Transform your classroom into an indoor playground with an exciting collection of early learning activities that will encourage both active and dramatic play. Kaplan offers everything a child needs to have a ball during playtime with soft foam balls, bean bags, parachutes and tumbling mats as well as dramatic dress-up clothes, puppets, dollhouses and fun creative props, all in the pages of the Kaplan Early Learning catalog.


Early learning games & puzzles - Early learning games and puzzles are a great way to develop critical thinking skills in the classroom. Kaplan brings you early learning materials and activities that can be enjoyed one on one or in a group, from reading and word games to foster language development to clever matching and memory games, floor, foam, wood and jigsaw puzzles, card games, board games and old classic favorites like Checkers, Bingo Tiddly Winks and Tic Tac Toe!


Early learning books - Search Kaplan's library of early learning books for little ones who are steps away from mastering their ABC's, as well as curriculum books that serve as priceless early learning resources for teachers. Choose from hardcovers or paperbacks, audio books and readalongs, board books, classroom libraries and book sets, cloth or vinyl books, and even more award winning titles covering a wide range of subjects.


Early learning classroom supplies & furniture - Keep your early learners bright eyed and excited to learn with premium classroom supplies and furniture that will create a colorful and rich environment for all. Kaplan has everything from basic classroom tables and chairs to storage units, cots and cubbies, bulletin board displays, carpets and more items designed to support a young child's independence in routine care, play and early learning activities.

Kaplan is known for their superior selection of early learning activities that allow children to entertain themselves while developing the essential skills they need in order to succeed. From classic early learning games to readalong books, Kaplan Early Learning knows what it takes to keep young minds active and happy.

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