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Therapy games - Play therapy games and therapy tools for children

Childswork/Childsplay is the leading provider of play therapy tools, resources and training programs in the United States, focusing on therapeutic tools and therapy games used by counselors and family/child therapists to address the social and emotional needs of children and adolescents.

  • Child therapy games - Life can be hard, especially for youngsters who may not understand the world around them just yet. Childswork helps children work through life's experiences while learning how to manage their feelings in a healthy and productive way. Whether dealing with anger, anxiety, grief, abuse or the difficulties of divorce, Childswork/Childsplay gives counselors, therapists and parents the therapy tools they need to help children reach their full potential through the use of play therapy games, engaging activities, books and resources.

  • Play therapy games and books - Child therapy doesn't have to consist of all work and no play. Children of all ages will be thoroughly entertained by Childworks/Childplay's collection of therapy games featuring card games and bingo, and therapy activities including counseling balls that help children communicate their feelings, deal with conflict, control their anger and overcome stress, all while teaching them how to solve problems in a healthy, positive way.

  • Play therapy tools, activities & workbooks - Helping children work through issues that might be holding them back, Childswork/Chilsdplay provides professional resources including child therapy games, therapeutic activities and workbooks for youngsters as well as teens. Workbooks include helpful tools and accessories from audio CD's to print out activities for use in either individual or group counseling sessions.
Offering guidance to children who need it through therapy tools, play therapy games, books and activities designed specifically for the unique and special needs children sometimes require, Childswork/Childsplay helps children overcome obstacles by teaching them how to heal from the inside out.

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