Trainers Warehouse

Motivational games, training aids, ice breakers and team building activities

Exciting motivational games, good ice breakers for meetings of all kinds and new and exciting teaching ideas.

  • Classroom or business ice breakers - Get everyone relaxed and ready to learn with short fun games and ice breakers. Check out their classroom or business meeting ice breakers and watch participation soar.

  • Activities and games for motivation training - Turn a group of strangers into a functional team for projects, learning or problem solving with team motivational games and activities. Use their challenging Murder Mystery or an interactive giant jigsaw puzzle to create cooperation and build team spirit in the classroom or boardroom.

  • Document and poster holders - Keep motivational messages in sight with certificate and poster covers that let you keep your training and inspirational messages clean and legible in classrooms, work areas and offices.

  • Fun games for classrooms - Use their diversity game to get students talking, or a giant set of dominoes to teach cooperation and relax tension among strangers. From corporate training materials to elementary teacher supplies, they have the motivational and educational toys and games that help you teach any lesson more effectively.

  • Stress reliever toys - Help students or seminar participants focus better during long or complex training sessions with fidgets and stress reliever toys. Squeeze them, twist them, squash them, or just fiddle with them and tensions immediately drop. Trainers and teachers can also use these training toys as short fun ice breakers, or as short fun games for group training. Try tossing a toy to a student to elicit participation in a question and answer session. Or reward correct answers with a chance to play with one of these stress releasing toys.

  • Presentation supplies - Make sure everyone can see and hear your presentation with white boards, table top tent cards, easels, flip charts and other essential presentation and teacher supplies.

  • Motivational games and accessories - Keep the spirit high with CD's of motivational songs, road-sign themed motivational messages, or rhythm instruments to accompany group affirmations.

From corporate team motivational games to fun games for classrooms, Trainers Warehouse has the tools and techniques to make whatever you teach easier to learn and harder to forget.

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