Schoolmasters SAFETY

The best child safety equipment and school safety products, since 1963

For over half of a century, Schoolmasters Safety has provided a safe haven for students, featuring a vast selection of child safety equipment and supplies that give teachers and parents the assurance and peace of mind they deserve.

  • Clothing & Identification - Outfit every crossing guard and student patrol with the school safety products they need, including clothing and gear that will ensure that they are easily spotted while doing their duty on the street. Choose from high-visibility vests, capes, pinnies and parkas, t-shirts, heavy-duty rainwear, windbreakers and vest jackets, gloves, hats and protective helmets. Identify your students, patrols, staff and security with arm bands, patrol belts and incentive buttons that will properly distinguish every supervisor, patrol or monitor on the playground, street, hall or school yard.

  • Safety & First Aid - Whether you need to stock up on protective eyewear and goggles for your Chem lab or basic first aid kits to treat the occasional cut, scrape or boo boo, safety always comes first on the Schoolmasters Safety watch. Stock up on glasses, goggles and eye protection in youth sizes as well as adult, eye wash stations, emergency fire blankets, flashlights, and complete first aid kits that come equipped with plenty of bandages, gauze, pads, tape, antibiotic ointment, hydrocortisone cream, scissors, tweezers, cold packs, and even more school safety products and first aid fundamentals.

  • Traffic/Crowd Control - Whether you're a crossing guard reporting for duty, a teacher/principal parking, a parent picking up, or a student driver learning how to master a three-point turn, your school will have access to an essential selection of traffic control products and supplies that will keep everyone on campus safe and free from harm. Choose from portable speed bumps to help drivers follow the speed limit, driver's training signs, aids and videos to nurture the next generation of drivers, crossing guard capes, whistles, lanyards, vests and stop signs that will secure every street. You'll find traffic cones, barrels, barricades and gates, crowd control supplies, parking lot maintenance, and more.

  • Misc. Equipment - Browse all of the miscellaneous must-haves needed to maintain the safest of school grounds with a variety of odds, ends and extras that will keep every school day running smoothly. Shop for no-slip floor mats to protect against hallway slips and spills, noise control trackers to keep commotion to a minimum, hall pass timers to track the occasional wanderer, plus security alarms, cameras, mirrors and metal detectors, megaphones, marking type, safety awards and videos that will sharpen student awareness and honor them for a job well done.
Schoolmasters Safety has spent decades serving a very dedicated mission, providing the highest quality adult and child safety equipment to schools as well as individuals, since 1963. Their extensive online catalog features everything you need to create a well-protected academic environment that will ensure that your students have a safe place to play, learn, develop, flourish and grow.

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