SABRE Security

Red pepper spray, personal and home security and law enforcement products

SABRE Defense has the personal and home security products that you need to deter crime and defend your personal safety with the same high quality personal protectants used by law enforcement agencies.

  • Personal defense - They carry the self defense products every woman and man should own. Runners, cyclists and dog walkers will find SABRE Red pepper spray, peephole covers, sate rape drug test coasters, door wedge alarms and personal safety alarms. Be safe and be smart with SABRE defense products that are easy to carry in key chain pepper spray, pepper spray pen and pepper spray holster styles. They also carry the best animal attack deterrent on the market, with their Frontiersman spray provides 35 foot range and is a valuable safety tool for outdoorsmen, hikers and hunters.

  • Sabre Home Series - SABRE home security defense systems offer easy installation and no monthly fees with WP-100 that allows you to customize a system to protect your home or office with no wiring. Their standalone alarms have built in sirens and are economical for home, apartment, dorm or hotel room. Stop intruders with this cost effective line of home and self defense products that are effective at home or while you are traveling. You can choose door alarms, window alarms and glass alarms, as well as motion sensors, panic alarms and parking alerts. Their fake security camera, yard sign and security decals and book safe will help protect you, your property and your home.

  • Crossfire Technology - SABRE Defense provides law enforcement and corrections departments with Sabre Red OC Pepper Spray and Sabre Decon to maximize target acquisition, high product performance and rigorous quality control. Sabre boasts an extensive list of agencies that have switched to the best AIP in the industry. Sabre's primary goal is officer safety and agency satisfaction. They carry a full roster of law enforcement products, including HPLC - high performance liquid chromatography, Phantom OC, aerosol grenades, crowd management tools and SABRE Green.

  • Stun Guns - SABRE stun guns include holsters, safety switches, LED and Stun button capabilities for maximum personal defense effectiveness. Their stun batons and stun guns range from 120,000 volts to 800,000 volts and provide quick and easy access to peace of mind to both civilians and law enforcement personnel. Look for small, easy to carry models, affordable pricing and wrist strap convenience. The mini stun gun is one of the perfect self defense products for women concerned about personal safety when commuting, driving alone or walking at night.
Sabre defense products have been "making grown men cry since 1975" with their advance 3 in 1 combination of red pepper, CS military tear gas and invisible ultraviolet dye to aid in suspect identification. At Sabre, home security defense is not about being paranoid, because personal safety is about being smart. Visit the SABRE website to find safety tips, videos, the Personal Safety Academy and a list of states that allow the purchase of Pepper Spray personal safety products.

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