Beatrice Bakery Co.

Mouthwatering dessert cakes, from fruitcakes to liqueur cakes, and more artisan creations to enjoy all year long

Home to holiday favorites from – GRANDMA’S BAKE SHOPPE

Enjoy a mouthwatering selection of home baked fruit and nut cakes, liqueur laced confections, and more holiday favorites with diet friendly desserts that you could never bake at home, shipped right to your door, from Beatrice Bakery Co. They are not just a seasonal bakery, they offer breakfast and dessert baked goods for everyday living and loving!

Best Fruit Cakes - If you've been on a search for where to buy the best fruitcake, you've come to the right bakery. Go beyond the boring baked goods available at your local grocery store with delicious fruit and nut laden confections that are sure to please any lover of sweets. From a tropical flavored Pineapple Macadamia Nut cake to berrylicious Blueberry Walnut and their Apple Cinnamon from their artisan collection, to their signature Grandma’s Fruit & Nut Cake and their old-fashioned Kosher recipe with no alcohol - Ye Old English fruit cake, you'll find the perfect addition to any culinary spread or special occasion.


Grandma's Fruit & Nut Cake - Enjoy a slice of history while enjoying your own holiday tradition with Grandma's Original Fruit and Nut dessert cakes. Dating back to 1917 when the Lantz Brothers discovered their grandmother's favorite recipe that called for only the finest ingredients and a slow bake secret process that allowed the cakes to mellow to perfection, Grandma's beloved recipe offers the perfect compilation of fresh fruits and plump raisins layered with crunchy nuts in an irresistible bourbon, brandy and rum laced batter. Order by the ring, in bars, or individually wrapped slices to savor and share, or pick up Grandma's no sugar added ring or Kosher options that are ideal for specialty diets.


Liqueur Laced - Looking for an all occasion dessert that celebrates your favorite spirits? Choose one of Beatrice's signature liqueur cakes available in 7 sensational flavors including sweet and tangy Key Lime, rich Chocolate Rum, Amaretto, Irish Creme, Strawberry Daiquiri, Cahlua Café, and a recipe inspired by the hit martini - the Lemon Drop! These hand-made confections are smooth, refreshing, and completely mouthwatering, featuring only the finest liqueurs incorporated into the batters. Enjoy them solo or topped off with fresh fruits and whipped cream to create the perfect finishing touch to any special meal.


Coffee Cakes - One taste is all it takes to see why the Beatrice Bakery Co. is known and celebrated for baking America's best. If you're craving coffee cake, you'll find the yummiest and most decadent Apple and Peach Streusel coffee cakes that are certified kosher, available in 16 oz. loaves. You'll also find delicious kosher Breakfast Breads to wake up to and scrumptious milk chocolate squares to enjoy anytime.


Watch their Video - On the homepage you can see how the best fruitcake is hand made by master bakers, who have over 300 years of combined baking experience, put loving care into each cake they bake. Your search for the where to buy the best fruitcake has ended here!

Enjoy a piece of handmade goodness with delicious handcrafted confections that are made with love and rich in history, using only the finest ingredients and baked to perfection. For the best fruit cake for your holiday spread and gourmet special occasion dessert cakes for any occasion, you can always trust the bakers at Beatrice Bakery.

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