Tortuga Rum Cake Company

The best rum cake, coffee and rum flavored treats from the Caribbean

Enjoy an authentic taste of the Islands with Tortuga rum cakes, coffees, rum infused fudge, truffles and gifts made from the finest rums of the Caribbean.

  • Cakes & Treats - Now you can enjoy the #1 export of the Cayman Islands without every leaving the comfort of home, with the best rum cake from the Caribbean delivered to your door. Choose from a mouthwatering medley of flavors made from Tortuga's finest light, gold and spiced rum, including their Original Golden recipe, rich chocolate, coconut, pineapple, banana, cinnamon raisin, coffee or key lime options available in 16oz and 33oz sizes, as well as 4oz six packs ideal for gifting or sharing. If you're a true chocoholic, you'll love the taste bud tempting collection of chocolate treats including rum flavored fudge, truffles and turtles topped with a scrumptious sprinkling of sea salt.

  • Coffee - Wake up to a cup of gourmet coffee made from freshly roasted 100% Arabica coffee beans bathed and brewed with dark Tortuga rum. You'll find classic blends, original rum flavored coffee and rum cream coffee, chocolate cinnarum flavors, rum liqueur coffees and more! Make it even better with a cake and coffee combo pack, or build your own gourmet coffee assortment by mixing up your favorite Tortuga coffee flavors that will arrive vacuum packed, ensuring freshness and unforgettable flavor.

  • Sauces - Whether you love your dishes hot and spicy or mild and mango-y, Tortuga Rum Cake Company will help you get sauced with a variety of Island marinades that are guaranteed to complement any dish, Caribbean style. You'll find 6 case packs of steak sauces, hot pepper and jerk sauce, spicy seafood grilling sauce, mango ginger, and sweet heat Caribbean pepper sauce that merges fiery peppers with tropical fruits to create an irresistibly tangy taste. Find your signature sauce flavor or mix it up with variety sauce packs that offer an assortment of flavors that will heat and enhance every bite!

  • Gifts - Give a gift that is fully infused with all of the secret tastes of the Caribbean. Whether they prefer the sweet or the savory, you'll find the perfect gift to satisfy any flavor profile. Gift giving has never been this easy with the best rum cake available in 4oz gift packs, Tortuga To Go suitcase boxes, great for grilling picnic packs, classic gourmet gift baskets, and a handful of non-edible gifts including cool rum-ready flasks and Caribbean inspired tunes.
For over 25 decadent years, the Tortuga Rum Cake Company has enjoyed a long, time-honored tradition of delivering the finest Caribbean rum cakes and rum based gourmet foods to your doorstep, from flavorful coffees and savory sauces to tempting treats, and of course their 100% authentic, original and delicious rum cakes.

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