Cafe Britt

Gourmet coffee, delicious sweets and the best organic coffee gifts, from Cafe Britt

Explore the world and the taste of coffee from the Cafe Britt catalog, featuring the best organic coffee from Mexico, Costa Rica and Peru with a coupon code that will make your morning.

  • Gourmet Coffee - Savor international flavors with Cafe Britt coffee, the premier roaster of gourmet coffees from Mexico, Costa Rica and Peru. Indulge in a taste of excellence, with export-quality gourmet coffees that will suit all of your personal taste preferences. From the best organic coffee to delicate decafs, light, dark or rich espresso roasts, you'll enjoy the finest coffee flavors and aromas in your choice of whole bean or ground coffee form.

  • Organic Certified Coffee - Take your taste buds on a delectable journey with the best organic gourmet coffee from the Earth, featuring premium Organic Shade Grown coffees that hail from exotic Central and South American locales. Whether you favor the flavors of Mexican coffee or organic Peruvian coffee, Cafe Britt delivers internationally certified organic blends including Costa Rican Shade Grown coffee, Mexican Coatlicue Organic coffe, and Peruvian Pachamama Organic coffees that are all harvested with a mission to preserve the earth while ensuring harmony with nature.

  • Chocolates, Nuts & Sweets - Besides sampling the distinctive and intense flavors found in every cup of Cafe Britt coffee, Cafe Britt also allows you to satiate your sweet side with a variety of gourmet chocolates that will satisfy any sweet tooth. Choose from chocolate covered coffee beans, tropical fruit, cashews or macadamia nuts, all covered in creamy white, dark or milk chocolate. Sip gourmet hot cocoas that pair perfectly with a handful of fresh from the oven Britt baked cookies, available in four tantalizing flavors.

  • Gourmet Coffee Gifts - Discover the perfect gifts for coffee lovers with exquisitely packaged gift bags, towers and boxes bursting with a bestselling selection of Cafe Britt coffees and confections. Choose from the best organic gourmet coffee and chocolate candy assortments featuring Cafe Britt's most popular flavors contained in handsome pre-packaged gift arrangements, or mix and match your favorites, in order to create your very own signature coffee gift.
Cafe Britt offers gourmet coffees, fine food products and specialty gourmet coffee gifts, while exhibiting earth-friendly practices for all of their products. Feel better about the coffee you drink with the best organic coffee online that is not only good for the environment but also good for the palate, down to the very last sip.

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