Grand Western Steaks - OLD

Delicious 100% grass fed meat, Premium Beef, and chops

Enjoy the traditional of premium steaks and chops with all natural gourmet meat and organic poultry, veal and pork.

  • 100% Natural Grass Fed Beef - These savory meats are raised on sustainable family farms in America's Upper Midwest. They calmly graze on nutrient rich, chemical free, long stem grasses, helping the cattle grow to become fit and nutritionally balanced. And due to their time at pasture and Nature's influence, no added antibiotics or growth promoting hormones are ever needed. This lifestyle contributes to their ability to provide healthy protein for your family.

  • Omega 3's - Known to be low in saturated fat and high in Omega 3's, Grass fed meat from Grass Run Farms boasts many lean cuts. Also, high levels of CLA's and elevated levels of vitamins E and B are just a few of the many added benefits of enjoying grass fed steaks, featuring mouthwatering Filet Mignon, NY Strip Steak, Chateaubriand, Skirt Steak, Boneless Short Rib and Hamburger Patties.

  • All Natural Beef - All Natural Beef from Creekstone Farms began over a decade ago with one simple idea; provide great tasting all natural beef to satisfy the most discerning of palates. This all natural beef is raised on a vegetarian diet and with nature's natural influence; no added antibiotics or growth promoting hormones are ever needed. Choose from all natural Filet Mignon, NY Strip Steak and Chateaubriand that will guarantee you maximum nutrients and full flavored enjoyment. After all, they are committed to producing the highest quality Natural Angus beef in America.

  • Lamb - Once you taste domestic Grass Fed lamb, you'll understand that premium lamb begins with the foundations nature intended. This quality grass fed lamb is available year round and is unsurpassed in taste and tenderness. The high standards of Colorado-raised lamb ensure you'll get only the finest, free-range grass fed lamb available, raised with no added growth stimulants or antibiotics. Choose from Rack of Lamb, lamb loin chops or lamb "Lollipop" chops.

  • Pork - From Bone-In Pork Chops to Boneless Pork Chops and Pork Tenderloin, Fresh Air Natural Pork from Grass Run Farms is an excellent source of Protein, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6 and thiamin. This natural pork is fed an all-vegetarian diet and is making a statement in the foodie world for being on top of the lean meat category. With the ability to freely roam and some of Nature's natural influence, no antibiotics or added growth promoters are ever needed.

  • Veal - Grand Western Steaks is dedicated to selling only the finest veal available. They know that the best food starts with quality and ends in passion. Your passion for perfection fuels their passion for excellence and they take great pride in providing you veal that is All Natural; with no antibiotics or growth stimulants, you can feel safe that you are eating the finest veal available. Enjoy Bone-In Veal Rib Chops, Bone-In Veal Chops or Veal Cutlets.

  • Poultry - Grand Western Steaks offers just that. A choice of what types of proteins you feed your family and with Bell and Evans All Natural and Organic chicken you have made a fine choice. But chicken is chicken right? Well... not necessarily.

    Bell and Evans Organic Chicken is the most tender and flavorful organic chicken. Bell and Evans chickens are free range and humanely raised with plenty of room to roam on family owned sustainable farms. They feed on organic grains enhanced with soybeans and corn to provide additional protein & fiber and are never administered growth hormones or antibiotics. One taste of their Organic Chicken Breasts, Chicken Thighs, Chicken Tenders and Chicken Wings, and you'll quickly discover the amazing difference this quality chicken brings.
Grand Western Steaks is your natural artisanal butchery, providing delicious grass fed steaks and meats that are prized for their flavor as well as for their unparalleled nutritional benefits. Grass fed beef is lower in total fat and in the saturated fats linked with heart disease, and higher in a long list of essential vitamins and minerals including beta-carotene, vitamin E, B-vitamins, calcium, magnesium, potassium, omega-3s and the potential cancer fighter, CLA.

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