Savory Spice Shop

Freshly ground herbs, spices and handcrafted gourmet seasonings

Savory Spice Shop offers the highest quality and greatest selection of freshly ground herbs, spices and hand-crafted seasonings as the spices are ground fresh weekly. .

  • Herbs and Spices - Savory Spice Shop has a selection of herbs and spices online that every gourmet cook will appreciate. You will love the spice seeds from around the world, like white poppy and Dutch caraway, as well as the assortment of paprikas, peppercorns, garlics and onions. They have exotic herbs and spices too so that you can create every recipe you want, using curry leaves, juniper berries, saffron, star anise and hundreds of other imported seasonings.

  • Salts - Salt is often at the essence of a dish's flavor, and good sea salt is favored by gourmets. Savory Spice Shop offers a huge selection of spices online and competitive prices, with kosher sea salt, curing salt and fancy sea salts including Himalayan Pink seas salt, Italian Black Truffle sea salt and Alderwood smoke coarse sea salt. Francophiles will love the French sea salts, from grey Sel Marin to Fumee de Sel Chardonnay sea salt.

  • Baking Essentials - Bakers looking for natural and organic baking essentials will find them here. Savory Spice Shop has imitation, pure and specialty vanilla extracts for cakes, cookies and artisan desserts. Looking for amaretto, black walnut, ginger or root bear extract, this is where to find them. You will also find specialty sugars, turbinado sugar and vanilla bean sugar and orange water or rose water for flavoring Middle Eastern pastries and exotic desserts.

  • Gifts and Apparel - A 6, 8 or 10 bottle spice kit for the foodies on your gift list will hit the spot. Choose a spice pack for flaming hot sauce addicts, a gift assortment of Great American Flavors or a select kitchen cupboard spice rack and herb assortment. If you are looking for spices online, you will find them here, ready to please the most demanding gourmet. Everyone will enjoy a hardcover guide to cooking with spices, and spice ware like craters, grinders, mortars & pestals, pepper mills and fun Savory Spice Shop logo aprons.
Gourmet chefs and novice cooks alike will happily spend hours at the Savory Spice Shop selecting from their tempting spices online and full descriptions of origins, tastes and uses for all their specialty food seasonings.

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