The Crab Place

FRESH Maryland crab cakes and live or steamed crabs delivered

The Crab Place delivers the freshest Maryland crab cakes, succulent crabs, and more seafood delicacies, shipped from their dock to your dinner table.

  • Crabs - When it comes to fresh crabs, nobody delivers a better, tastier, or fresher selection than The Crab Place. Crab lovers rejoice, for you have found your go-to online source for Maryland blue crabs that come across the dock daily and are guaranteed fresh. Choose from fresh and flavorful hard and soft shell crabs, Alaskan Snow crab legs and clusters, luscious crab meat, Alaskan King crab legs, soup crabs, and gourmet Maryland crab cakes that are the real deal - hand made with 88% crab meat and available in 4, 6 and 8 oz crab cake sizes.

  • Fresh Fish - The Crab Place isn't just your online source for succulent crabs and Maryland crab cakes. Explore the entire Crab Place fish market for a scrumptious assortment of fish shipped directly from the East Coast, featuring the freshest Atlantic salmon, Red Snapper, Rockfish, Flounder, Tuna and Swordfish, plus Gulf shrimp, Jumbo scallops and a variety of breaded seafood starters. Try out other choice crustacean combinations with Chesapeake Bay clams, oysters, Louisiana crawfish, and more tasty fare that will help round out the perfect mouthwatering seafood feast.

  • Live Lobster - Indulge in one of the world's most delicious natural delicacies, with live lobsters that are guaranteed to arrive alive and ready to throw in the pot. Choose from 2, 4, or 6 packs of lobsters that weigh from 1 lb to 5 lbs, shipped live and fresh from the coast of Maine with plenty of butter for dipping, bibs, shell crackers and lobster forks for serving. Don't need a whole lobster? Settle for the sweetest and meatiest part with Maine lobster tails that are shipped frozen in sizes that range from standard to colossal, and giant lobster tails that weigh up to 32 ounces.

  • Soup, Sauces & Seasonings - Enjoy your authentic Maryland crab cakes and crab legs with all the fixin's, featuring a flavorsome assortment of savory soups, sides and sauces that will complement every crab and seafood dish to perfection. Choose from premium New England clam chowder, creamy lobster bisque, Maryland cream of crab soup, and fresh vegetable red crab soup. Pick your favorite or sample a smorgasbord of soups as well as seafood batters and butters, Old Bay tartar sauce and cocktail sauce, and even more tasty accompaniments.
The Crab Place has served cyber based crab and seafood lovers since 1997 as Maryland's Original Online Seafood Provider, delivering 100% real Maryland crab cakes, the freshest crabs, clams, lobster, and more seafood specialties caught daily by Maryland's finest.

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