Scottish Gourmet USA

Gourmet foods from Scotland

Enjoy the rich flavors of Scotland when you order delectable Scottish food and gifts.

  • Scottish seafood -- Seafood is a staple in Scotland and food is a way of life. Enjoy Scottish favorites -- delicious langoustines, or buttery soft cold smoked salmon. Whether you're buying smoked salmon, Finnan Haddie, cured herring or kippers, you're assured of the freshest and most mouthwatering Scottish gifts from the sea.

  • Authentic Scottish foods -- Make authentic Scottish meals when you start with the basics of Scottish cuisine. Start with the most basic of all Scottish food when you buy oatmeal online. Add Isle of Mull cheddar, oatcakes, Scottish tea, marmalade spreads, honey, and other flavorful gifts from Scotland and you'll have a start on a traditional Scottish pantry.

  • Desserts and sweets -- No Scottish meal or tea is complete without sweets. That's why Scottish Gourmet features rich, buttery shortbread cookies, gingerbread men and other sweet and delicious gifts from Scotland.

  • Christmas food hampers -- Celebrate the holidays the traditional way with mouthwatering Christmas gifts overflowing from their food hamper. Their generous holiday gift baskets are filled to the brim with tasty Scottish gifts and treats for a bit of Scotland anywhere.

Now even when you can't visit the Scottish Isles, you can have rich shortbread, savory biscuits, wild game birds, or Scottish smoked salmon shipped directly to you for a taste of Scotland any time. For the best in Scottish foods, you need Scottish Gourmet USA.

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