Hodgson Mill

Stone ground, natural whole grains and organic pastas, cereals and gluten free foods

Welcome to Hodgson Mill, a family owned company with 120 years experience producing premium whole grain flours, corn meals, cereals, baking mixes, pastas and more. And a welcome and trusted addition to the choices in organic foods online. Their delicious 100% whole grain pasta line is America's favorite, top selling brand!

Since 1882 they've been making wholesome foods with whole grains that are full of natural flavor, but free of artificial preservatives, additives and colorings. The same commitment to quality and consumer satisfaction that began in 1882 endures today.

Now you can buy their wholegrain and organic foods online, from the comfort of home. Be sure to check out their newest offerings in healthy gluten free foods, as well as everything you need to make nourishing spelt and soy flour recipes.

Stock up on your favorite Hodgson Mill products today! From organic whole wheat flour to naturally gluten free foods to everything you need for your wheat, brown rice, spelt or soy flour recipes, let Hodgson Mills bring their quality organic foods to your door!

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